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"I love how much younger I look, just from a 10 minute treatment!"

Banish wrinkles without surgery

You want smoother and more youthful looking skin, but dislike the idea of surgery and don’t have the time for the lengthy recovery process involved. Plus, surgery can be so expensive. Wrinkles make you look tired and unattractive, so why let them ruin your appearance when there’s a solution?

Look years younger in a few days

Look no further than your customized treatment that’s gentle and involves no knives at all or weeks to months of recovery, yet is incredibly effective without a doubt. Enjoy the freedom of wrinkle-free skin that makes you look younger by several years, and the happiness of knowing you look fantastic with BOTOX® Ottawa. Patients say they look about a decade younger with one fast treatment!

Enjoy a beautiful improvement

BOTOX® Ottawa is one of the most effective wrinkle-erasing treatments available today. It is a tried and tested anti-aging procedure that has made millions of men and women around the world look better and feel happier purely because of its ability to get rid of wrinkles so well. Combined with injectable fillers in a Soft Lift (SoftLift), Botox also achieves the same results as a facelift, without the pain and downtime!